Sparrow Conservation Foundation

Sparrow Conservation

Sparrow conservation foundation was started with the aim of conserving nature. We started our activities to nuture and create sustainable habitats for Sparrows. House sparrows are the most common bird seen in India and widespread around the world. The breeding habitat of a sparrows is mostly associated with human living areas like farms, tile roofs, etc., So, conserving sparrow in urban areas has become our prime activity.

Sparrow Box @ Public Places

House sparrows generally live along with human. After intensive study, we have placed Sparrow boxes in public places like bus stand, shops, etc,. to retain their breeding habitat. We have placed the sparrow boxes in various public places at Singanallur bustard, Ukkadam bus stand, near Shop shutters, etc., which is a milestone in sparrow conservation

Sparrow Box @ Schools

We conduct awareness programs to conserve and analyze Sparrows’ habitat in educational institutions. Children love to observe the house sparrows and provide Sparrow boxes for the birds in their schools and houses. Sparrows feed on the grains, insects, the food at home, mosquito eggs, etc. The sparrows help us to keep our environment clean and healthy too. We have conducted awareness programs in various schools in Coimbatore.

Kovai Gethu Heroes

Kovai Gethu Heroes was a Times of India initiative, dedicated to the unsung heroes of our proud city. People from different backgrounds, who stood out because of their passion to make a difference to society, in big ways or small were selected and awarded. B Pandiyarajan has been chosen as one among the twelve “Kovai Gethu Heroes” for his efforts TO SAVE THE SPARROWS!

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In Media